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Unfortunately, adultery generates such a crushing emotional impact, it is often very hard to resolve a divorce in an uncontested or efficient fashion once this is known. section 19-6-5(a)(8), the statute authorizing the award of permanent alimony, mentions the consideration of "relevant factors", adultery is not a relevant factor in determining the amount of alimony to be awarded. When assessing an alimony claim, the relevant inquiry is: (1) is wife barred entirely by adultery or desertion; (2) if not, the decision whether to grant her alimony should be made considering the factual cause of the separation and considering husband's conduct toward her; and (3) the amount of alimony should be set considering the factual cause of the separation, the wife's need and the husband's ability to pay. As a legal matter, questions concerning "dating" or affairs, both pre and post separation, are usually fair game in discovery (subject to the witnesses' right to assert privilege).After consulting with the client regarding the legal consequence of adultery, in certain situations, Mr. E.2d 402, 404 (2008) (to show lack of entitlement to alimony, spouse must establish by a preponderance of the evidence that the separation between the parties was caused by the other party's adultery or desertion). However, as a practical matter, most judges and jurors will not care too much about post separation dating if there is no evidence the affair was going on prior to the date the parties separated (which can be hard to pin down sometimes).Fort Gordon, Georgia -- Almost every week at the Legal Assistance Divorce & Separation Briefing, we receive the question, “If I am legally separated and start dating, can I get in trouble in the military for adultery?” Since the formal legal process of divorce can last months (or sometimes years), this question raises an important concern for anyone in uniform who is pending a divorce.If you suspect you spouse is cheating, you can either confront your spouse (which will ordinary just provoke a denial and start a fight), hire a private investigator (which will be expensive), or utilize certain methods that can be discussed in confidence. And, even if you and your spouse are estranged and arguably separated but still living in same household or actually separated and living apart, prior to the final order of divorce being signed by the judge, it is best not to be "dating" as intercourse is still technically adultery up until the divorce is final.

“Reckless disregard for data security will not be tolerated,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

In the same month the company changed its signature tagline from "Life is Short.

Have an Affair." to "Find your moment", and updated its brand imagery to replace the image of a woman wearing a wedding ring with a red gem-shaped symbol as its logo.

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