Bryan adams dating elle macpherson

Because of this the supermodel, 44, stayed away from Bryan's big night on Tuesday.

The 48-year-old launched an exhibition of new photographic portraits, called Modern Muses, in The Hospital in Covent Garden.

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He's photographed the Queen, Gorbachev, and too many beautiful women to mention. And, lest we forget, he holds the record for the longest-running number one in UK chart history.

Elle and Bryan have been romantically linked, on and off, for the past year.Supermodel Elle Macpherson and international rock star Bryan Adams are secretly dating.The couple enjoyed a passionate kiss at a private party in Bryan's London home on Tuesday night after the launch of his new photo exhibition.I've always been very private: it suits me.')This reticence extends even to his having Amy Winehouse spend recuperative time at his house on Mustique during the Christmas period: 'Let me say something about this whole Amy Winehouse scenario. It was Christmas.'Still, a kind act.'I just thought it would be nice for someone to come and spend time...I don't even know, truthfully, how anybody knows I know her - other than the fact I photographed her [for charity - Adams does scads of work for charity]. But I don't want to focus on that.'A pity, because 'the Winehouse scenario' seems one more piece of evidence to prove what many say: that Bryan Adams is a thoroughly good egg. Primarily, he's a successful singer-songwriter - upwards of 65 million records sold; a solid-gold back catalogue of songs such as Summer of 69, Straight from the Heart and (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, the song that spent a still-unbroken record of 16 weeks at the top of the UK charts in 1991; music that has been written for or been used in 42 movies; and a very likeable new album, '11'.

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Bryan is on the fifth date of his tour, which involves 11 gigs in 11 days in 11 countries to mark his (you guessed it) 11th album.

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