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I'm a very active person i have to be doing something all the time.

One might have seen a screen printer taking up residence in the corner of a coffee shop, an attorney renting a vacant office in a newspaper, or a graphic designer settled in a small grocery’s back room.

So, too, has there been a trend toward religious groups of all denominations sharing, renting and offering space to each other.

Ajahn Sona, a Theravada Thai forest monastic, leads a meditation talk for the kids of Portland Friends of the Dhamma’s family program.

Photos by: Rinzan Pechonik, Sakula Mary Reinard, Jessica Swanson, John Wadsworth In the near-decade since the Great Recession began, we have seen the business landscape across the Pacific Northwest shift shapes from competition and individuation to space sharing and incubation.

Our approach blends science, psychology and spirit to help women love women - better.

I scrolled through the form of loosely defined guidance for people planning to conceive for the newly divorced women.

) so that coveted seven o’clock dinner date probably isn’t in the cards, and morning coffee is kinda played out. Oh, and we're definitely judging you by what you order. Soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, definitely meat-free, and "have been known to break out into hives if the onions were picked on a weekend." Luckily most restaurants are used to this sort of behavior. Everyone has a garden, brews their own beer, and makes moldy sauerkraut because that’s definitely how it was done by their host family that semester abroad in Germany.

But everyone's a snobby foodie so if you choose a place that’s been open for a while, we’ve probably been there. Why don’t you just treat the girl of your dreams to a romantic dinner on the floor of your apartment?

Good thing there’s nothing more romantic than sending ‘em back home with a quick kiss and a half hour ride back to Beaverton! So be prepared to be Lady and the Tramping spaghetti in some 20-seat restaurant when your ex and their new bae walk in.

Don’t expect to be Facebook official with anyone until you’ve moved in together. If you’re lucky maybe everyone catches each other’s eye and you’ll get to try out one of those alternative relationships you’ve been hearing so much about.

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