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Quayside Motors, Lismore Six cars was donated to the Ngunya Jarjum Aboriginal Child and Family Support group by Quayside Motors to helping the community service maintain its vital work after the floods destroyed several of their cars.

Fleet manager, Miro Bradford said the cars will enable the staff to provide access for indigenous children to attend classes and other training.

“And he said unto them, Go ye unto all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.Alan Hayward (1923–2008) was a British engineer, physicist and old earth creationist writer.He is known for his research on fluid density and flowmeters; he wrote a textbook on the subject.Reconciling this with special creation is frankly impossible for those who believe that every species - including humans - was individually hand-crafted.YEC arguments that suffering entered the world as a consequence of Adam's sin are immediately falsified by the overwhelming evidence of parasitism, predation, and disease hundreds of millions of years before the appearance of Homo sapiens (let alone Adam).

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In his book God Is; A Scientist Shows Why It Makes Sense to Believe in God (1978) he proposed the hypothesis of "successive creation" that “God has been at work ever since the universe began, performing a great number of creative acts at intervals” (pp. In Creation and Evolution: The Facts and Fallacies (1985), he expanded on these ideas, supporting a form of “ancient creationism.” He was strongly opposed to young earth creationism, and refuted all its major arguments.

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