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We can use Info Path to easily customize a list with a design environment for a designing and publishing form via commonly used Windows controls such as check boxes, text boxes, command buttons, and option buttons. Having the Share Point Server Enterprise Site Collection feature activated To activate the Share Point Server Enterprise Site Collection feature, go to Site Setting -- Now, we have Simple Info Path form with the info above.In this post, I will show you how to configure and publish a Info Path Form to Share Point 2013. To publish the Info Path Form, click File, click Publish, and then click Share Point Server to bring up the Publishing Wizard form.I guess the biggest takeaway here is that is really pays to dig through all the KB hotfixes included in a cumulative update. As a side note, there is a workaround of sorts if you can't install Service Pack 1 then the August 2011 CU. This hub is a sub site meaning my main site is my hub is at When you are finished designing a form template, you must publish it so that users can fill out forms based on the form template.Users must have access to the location where the form is published.This topic described the different options to publish an Info Path 2010 form.The publishing process modifies the form template for distribution by adding the publish location and processing instructions sections so that users can open forms that are based on this form template.The processing instructions allow forms that are based on this form template to be automatically updated if you make changes to the form template after publishing it.

Don't settle for a "one size fits all" public class!

This is fairly significant to users of a document management system as you don’t want your optional “Enterprise Keywords” field showing first with a required important required column at the bottom. In doing some testing, I noticed that on an environment with the recently released August 2011 cumulative update for Share Point 2010 applied, the changed column order updated. You can verify this fix is in the August 2011 CU by looking at the list of fixes in the Share Point 2010 Server package, and sure enough that KB is included.

Looking through the KB in question, you find the actual listed fix in the “Issues that this hotfix package” fixes section: That’s definitely our issue.

This situation is pretty common in large organizations.

This can be even considered for exposing base content types you use across multiple web applications in the farm.

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This opens up a lot of flexibility to manage content consistently.

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