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Be careful of anyone using language like “all men are players,” or “nobody is looking for a serious relationship.” These blanket statements aren’t true, and worse, they are influencing how you think about your dates.Approach every new person as a blank slate – assume nothing.But after a while, all the awkward and disappointing dates can get you down, especially when you commiserate with friends.In fact, you might be at the point where you don’t want to get together with friends at all, because the date bashing sessions can feel tired or depressing.

The friend involvement is non-compulsory though and you don’t need it in order to get your profile live - it just saves you the hassle of having to write about yourself!

My Single Friend (or as we refer to it, MSF) is a social dating site designed for single people and their friends.

You can sign yourself up as a single, browse profiles, see who’s viewed you, read messages, reply via One Liners and, with a subscription, send full custom messages.

It can be fun to get together with your single friends and compare your dating experiences.

I blog about it, and when I was single, bad dates provided some pretty great ideas for posts!

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