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I'm 64, white, stupidly tall (64'64), have blue eyes/blonde hair and go to college in Philly. **Reply with your favorite hobby as the subject so that I know you're human. ** This the most accurate way I could describe me and dating. So I was like screw it I'm gone couple bucks lost oh well maybe I will get areply tomorrow and log off.The next day by god and I kid you not every girl I had contacted had responded with interest in hearing more and others that had found me and wanted to talk I felt like a million bucks.Her husband wasn’t a bad man and she didn’t want to hurt him and say things that she would later regret.She was also afraid that it would interfere with their love making.

Now that I got that disclaimer out I am doing this in hopes of saving some other lonely dork who prob has issues with estabhlishing relationships from getting had in the same manner I was because it made me feel at first that I was facing rejection from supposed women who should be the most easy catch and thought that God just wanted me to remain celebit.During our time on Lonely Wife Hookup.com, we sent out emails to 480 women.We sent emails twice a day, from four different guys, over a period of two months. Since we also got the same number on ULust.com, which is OBVIOUSLY run along the exact same template as Lonely Wife Hookup.com, we’re guessing that any guy who sends out a certain amount of emails gets that “bundle” of emails in return.That site is only interested in one thing: getting your money.Once it gets your money, you’ll never hear from customer service (or from any of the women that are supposedly on this site) again.

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