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If a screening test shows that you have a higher chance of having a baby with Down's, Edwards' or Patau's syndromes, you will be offered diagnostic tests to find out for certain if your baby has the condition.

Inside the cells of our bodies there are tiny structures called chromosomes.

To understand why Down syndrome happens, you need to understand a little about chromosomes. They're thread-like structures within each cell and are made up of genes.

Genes provide the information that determines everything about people, from hair color to whether they are girls or boys.

Sexual tasks for infants and pre-school aged children include the development of physical and emotional attachment to parents and other family members; issues for school aged children are the emergence of modesty and privacy as well as the beginning of masturbation [Table 1] (Haka-Ikse and Mian, 1993; Grant, 1995).The screening test offered at 10-14 weeks is called the combined test. All women in England are offered screening for Down’s, Edwards' and Patau's syndromes using this test.If you are too far into your pregnancy to have the combined test, you will be offered other tests.But despite their challenges, kids with Down syndrome can go to regular schools, make friends, enjoy life, and get jobs when they're older.Getting special help early — often when they are just babies and toddlers — can be the key to healthier, happier, more independent lives.

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