Translation updating of cms occurring

They can add pages the control panel, add runtime functions to the page, define custom templates tags and more.

A pivot language is used as intermediate language when a direct translation between the source language and the target language is not available.

Homepage: Bolt is a tool for Content Management, which strives to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

It is quick to set up, easy to configure, uses elegant templates, and above all: It's a joy to use.

It's built upon the Silex framework together with a number of Symfony components and other libraries. This way we can reproduce your issue, turn it into a test and prevent the issue from occurring in future versions.

Bolt is released under the open source MIT-license. Since Bolt 2.0, you can install extensions and themes directly from Bolt's interface.

If you want to add new types of field to Perch control panel edit forms, this is how you do it.

All edit fields in Perch are field types, from the basic single line text field, to more complex examples like maps and You Tube fields.

For example, you want to localize into Arabic from Japanese, but your translation vendor does not offer Japanese to Arabic (or it is too expensive); however, they do offer Japanese to English and English to Arabic.If you are using a load-balanced environment, make sure you use the same app Id value for every server in the cluster.The DB, file, Memcache(d), and Redis cache methods each have their own additional config settings, which must be set in separate config files in the craft/config/ folder (dbcache.php, filecache.php, and rediscache.php, respectively).User creates an English node, and adds paragraphs: image gallery, text, video, text.Then she creates a Spanish translation of the node, and image and video paragraphs don't need to be translatable as they will be the same.

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