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A view is just a stored query -- when you update through it, it's the underlying tables that must be modified.How can you update a view column that is generated through a combination of multiple base columns? And how can it update either or both in a way that will behave correctly after the update, given that the expression for the virtual column always includes a space?It could be that you have your timeout threshold set too low (for example, with a Sql Command object).

But I'm wondering if the fact that these two tables are referenced in 5 views with heavy joining might be detrimental. Product Name FROM Sales.v_Sales Order Detail v WHERE v.

They are wonderful tools that ease data access and system development when used prudently.

Furthermore, views are simple to create and implement.

The ACTOR_FULLNAME column in the view is a concatenation of two base columns and a literal. If you have some meaningful logic you want to implement to handle such an UPDATE, you could use an INSTEAD OF trigger on the view to implement it.

Oracle has no way of knowing what you mean by updating that column. On this particular one, you'll need the instead-of trigger so that it can tell Oracle what you want to have happen when data is inserted/updated to that column.

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