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When she was 12 years old, court gave her custody to her grandparents.Her father was in and out of jail so he couldn’t take her responsibility. She said, her grandparents have major influences in her life. The cheerleader and beauty queen graduated in 2004 from North Stanly High School in New London, North Carolina."I don't know why, but we were wanting to race down the big slides they have. The fence was chained shut, but it was open just enough for us to squeeze through.

Pickler, herself, is an insomniac, and she’s infuriated by the fact that her husband can fall asleep once his head touches the pillow.There was no way I could try to be anything I'm not, because he could definitely call me on it."2.Even though Pickler wrote Bonnie & Clyde with Jacobs, she does not consider him the Clyde to her Bonnie."He's definitely not my partner in crime. My dad's name is Clyde, and I think of my dad and his crazy girlfriends in the past. Pickler doesn't consider herself much of an outlaw, but she did break into the North Carolina State Fair once.She has participated in Miss America and was honored with “Miss Stanly County “pageant at age 17.The gorgeous diva has also competed for Miss North Carolina 2004.

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The hit television series returned for a second season in August 2016. military, having recently completed eleven USO Tours thus far.

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